Take the Train to Hogwarts



There is a steam train you can take at Mallaig or at Fort William. Furthermore, the viaduct it rides on is where the Hogwarts Express was shot in the Harry Potter movies.

To capture this scene, you need to hike a short trail from the visitor center stationed across the Glenfinnan Monument. There’s also another checkpoint not far from the parking lot where a different trail leads to the other side of the bridge and a bit more closer to it.

While on the train, the travel between Mallaig to Fort William soothes your mind as you appreciate the green valley fields and the sea lochs. The train offers a whole other view that cuts through the hills, revealing hidden rivers and lochs.


Nearing the Glenfinnan viaduct, it slowes in front of the Glenfinnan Monument. A historical site of Scotland where the Jacobite Rising started in 1745 with Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the “Bonnie Prince Charlie”. The train’s name may have drawn from this rebellion as it is called The Jacobite. A fitting name as it’s marching through the West of the Highlands.


It cost about 30 pounds for a one way ticket and it does have specific departure times.

Instead of departing from Platform 9 3/4, you’ll need to purchase your ticket on the train in Fort William or Mallaig. You can take a regular train ride for cheaper. But where’s the fun?


Unfortunately, there’s no Honeydukes Express on this train. So you won’t be tasting any Chocolate frogs or Bertie’s Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.



However there is a shop inside selling Harry Potter merchandise if you want to purchase a souvenir.


Along the journey, the train passes through a tunnel and all the smoke fills the train, suffocating the passengers for a few seconds. Which is a nice surprise when taking a steam train.

And if you’re a hardcore fan of Harry Potter…this train ride is a inch closer to the never reaching dream of Hogwarts being real.



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