How we take life for granted


Water, a vital source contributing to your survival. Without it, you die out of dehydration. End of story.

Many take for granted this unlimited resource we have. Yes, i’m aiming mostly to the North americains. Bottled water, spring water, tap water, lakes, rivers, pools, jacuzzi, water fountains, city sprinkles for the ever green grass.

“I never drink tap water because I despise the taste”

A couple from Iran opened my eyes on how ridicoulous we take water for granted. And how laughable our situation is.

In some part of Iran, water is purchased by containers. Basically, you have this limited amount of water you need to stretch for a month. Fortunately, it exists several water instruments that measure by day the water supply. So the people live each day drop by drop. Some urban areas suffer from unequal water provision or sanitation.

I’m from a country of green, snowy mountains and lakes, my oh Canada. A lack of water never crossed my mind. My thirst was always quenched and left my skin hydrated. Unless i was stranded somewhere like always.


While in Bristish Colombia, i was gazing up the glaciers around Lake Louise, relaxing in a jacuzzi after a rough day of hiking. When this interesting couple entered the whrilpool. I did pass them during the hike of the Plain of the 6 Glaciers, saluted them with a nod and a polite hello. Like with all the others hikers i came across. Others also joined in and we were a group of tourists in the bubbly hot water. There was a man from Japan, another couple from New Zealand , a family from Toronto and the rest were americains. And this couple from Iran revealed to us their trance on how great the natural spring water flows freely around us.


When you travel, there’s the charm of the place that brings travellers from across the globe together. As we share our experiences in our individual trips, we also share our similar fascinations. A harmony settles in and swallows us into this bubble of our own world created from our stories. A peace warms the heart and cleanses the spirit for a moment.



I may one day visit the Western Asia and finally give to others my shares of their culture. We may see all dark in a not well lighted surrounding. But a few rays of light can brighten the place for you to glimpse through the veil of shadows.

This is what the couple gave to me and i will always remember it.

How I’ve taken life for granted.



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