Alto Mar by La Gatita


The restaurant’s name roughly translate to “High sea by the Small cat”. It’s mostly a seafood restaurant looking over the coast of Concon, Vina del mar. Chilean flags stand tall on their patio, waving the country’s pride.

The plate that struck me the tastiest when dining there was their Manchas gratinadas. If I remember correctly, the dishe’s name may translate to “tongue”, lengua in Spanish.

Now, if you’re not a fan of oysters, fear not. Looking at it from afar, you may assume the meat would be soft and heavily oiled from the melted butter. Expecting a slug sliding down your throat when. Right? However this oyster’s meat is firmer and chewy. The melted butter is incorporated with cream and savored with garlic. The parmesan cheese finishes it off with a slight tasty sour flavour. With each bite, the oyster’s meat melts on your tongue and you can’t get enough of it until you devour the whole plate.


Because Chile is a south coast-lined country, their fish market is beyond superior than the North American’s. The menu of this restaurant is brimmed with all sorts of seafood. Of all the fishes they offered, I went for a familiar dish: Salmon. How exciting. I know.

fullsizeoutput_98.jpegIt was a thick piece with a stronger hint of the ocean aroma. It was so rich with flavour that it was hard to believe I was actually eating Salmon.

Their deck offered a view of the city’s coast filled with ports and fisherman’s boats. We couldn’t eat outside because of the chilly maritime winds. But we did admire the sea.







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